Perfect Food®

Finding your PERFECT FOOD should be easy!

Let’s face it; getting enough servings of freshly harvested, dark leafy veggies every day is impossible for most of us. And even when we have time (and can buy the freshest, cleanest produce), there are other factors that make it difficult, such as costs, taste and simply the chore of eating that much daily produce.

That’s why we created Perfect Food. It’s the perfect way to get your daily greens! Whatever your health goal, there’s a Perfect Food choice that’s right for you.

Travis Lesperance

Travis Lesperance
GoL Regional Educator

"The foundation of a good clean diet requires not just the essentials, but also the complexity and diversity of nutrition found in powerhouse plants like grass juice, vegetables, fruit, and sprouts. Perfect Food is highly concentrated by utilizing processes such as juicing and sprouting, and is ideal for those looking to get the most nutrition possible from their greens powder."

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