Primal Defense® Probiotics

Primal Defense is the only probiotic formula that contains a unique whole food blend with Homeostatic® Soil Organisms (HSOs). The HSOs in Primal Defense are important probiotics you would get in abundance if your food came from soil untouched by pesticides, herbicides and other widely used chemicals. To replenish the valuable probiotics our pasteurized, irradiated and disinfected food no longer provides, Primal Defense includes 12 species of hardy beneficial microorganisms in the form of the HSO Probiotic Blend. Let the unique HSOs in Primal Defense take you to a new level of total health.

  • The leading whole food probiotic containing Homeostatic® Soil Organisms (HSOs)
  • The HSO Probiotic Blend in Primal Defense® helps support the normal  gastrointestinal balance of good and potentially harmful bacteria to help  maintain a balanced, healthy internal environment†
  • Contains probiotics that promote regular bowel function and help  maintain an already healthy immune system—both of which are  beneficial to overall health†
  • Maximizes the benefits of a healthy diet by supporting normal absorption  and assimilation of nutrients in the gut†
  • Unlike other probiotics, the key probiotics in Primal Defense can thrive in  the toughest digestive environments and are undeterred by stomach and  bile acids
  • Select ingredients in Primal Defense are produced through the Garden of  Life proprietary Poten-Zyme® fermentation process to make nutrients  more available to the body
  • Primal Defense comes in two easy-to-use forms: Powder and Caplets
Bruce Topping

Bruce Topping
GoL National Educator

"Primal Defense is our original probiotic formula that put Garden of Life on the digestive health map!  Still one of the most trusted products in the industry, it is made with Homeostatic Soil Organisms including Bacillus subtilis combined with other strains, plus a traditional yeast strain called Saccharomyces boulardii. These hardy  probiotics can survive through virtually any digestive environment as well as storage at room temperature.  I credit these special probiotics for helping me stay healthy living life on the road without ever getting sick!”

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