Probiotics Category


Whether you are a man, woman or child concerned about digestive health, immune system support or just looking for a great daily supplement, we have the perfect formula designed just for you.

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Which one is right for you? Whether you are balancing work, family, fitness or just need an extra boost of energy, one of our proteins is sure to fit your lifestyle.

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Vitamins Category


They’re as good as it gets! Our comprehensive range of nutrients and multivitamins provide the nourishment your body craves to maintain optimal health and well-being—in all stages of life.

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Greens Products


Let’s face it; getting enough servings of freshly harvested, organically grown, Non- GMO dark leafy veggies every day is impossible for most of us. Our greens make it possible—with a great taste, too!

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Fish Oil

Feel the power of pure omega-3s with one of our high-quality fish oils or plant-based formulas.

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category food


These naturally functional foods fit easily into your lifestyle and help empower your extraordinary health by making it more convenient to eat well.

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Digestion Products


A properly tuned gastrointestinal tract is your key to good health, and Garden of Life digestive products can keep your digestion healthily humming along!

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Immune Support Products

Immune System Support

A properly functioning immune system is essential to overall health and well-being. Immunity Support from Garden of Life products are formulated from whole foods and herbs that provide nutrients vital to a healthy immune system.

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Joint Health

With well over 200 joints in the body, it’s important to take care of them and the cartilage that surrounds them.

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Weight and Diet Management Products

Weight Management

While there are no magic pills for success, we have formulated products to help overcome common obstacles and assist in achieving a healthy weight.

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RAW Resveratrol

More Supplements

Specifically formulated with high quality ingredients to deliver the building blocks and essential elements of nutrition that are fundamental to your body’s health and well-being.

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