Fish Oil


Minami’s products are so highly concentrated that you need only two capsules per day. With other leading brands, you need to take three, four, five, even six capsules of fish oil to achieve our beneficial dosage.

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Oceans 3 Omega-3 Products

Oceans 3™

The only omega-3 supplements available with Omega-Xanthin®, a synergistic blend of ultra-pure, high-potency fish oil rich in EPA and DHA, and two ocean-based antioxidants: astaxanthin and fucoxanthin—to go beyond omega-3.™

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Olde World® Cod Liver Oil

Olde World® Icelandic Cod Liver Oil—provides over 1,000mg of omega-3 fatty acids and is a rich source of vitamins A and D—from the pure, cold waters of Iceland.

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