We combine the goodness of nutritious whole foods such as organic fruit, vegetables, nuts and sprouted grains with beneficial LIVE PROBIOTICS, all sweetened with honey to create an incredibly satisfying bar that is both delicious and healthy for you.

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GoL Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is among the healthiest, most versatile dietary oils in the world. An excellent culinary oil with its natural coconut flavor and aroma, we think it is simply the best-tasting, most aromatic coconut oil on the planet.

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Garden of Life Goatein Pure Goat’s Milk Protein

Goatein® Pure Goat’s Milk Protein

Goatein is a unique protein powder made from goat’s milk. Goatein is easy to digest and can be tolerated by many people who cannot digest cow’s milk.

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RAW Organics™ Chia Seed

Organic Chia Seeds are an essential superfood addition to your modern, fast-paced diet. Our premium Chia has a very mild, nutty flavor that tastes great sprinkled on salad and cereal or mixed into beans, legumes, yogurt and especially smoothies.

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RAW Organics Organic Golden Flaxseed

RAW Organics™ Golden Flaxseed

Our premium Certified Organic Golden Flaxseed is grown for us in North Dakota on pristine and virgin soils. Our flax goes through a unique five-step cleaning process that gently filters all impurities, leaving behind only the purest, freshest, Certified Organic Golden Flaxseeds.

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RAW Organics Organic Golden Flaxseed & Chia Seed

RAW Organics™ Flaxseed & Chia Seed

The Best of Both Worlds—Cold Milled Premium Organic Golden  Flax and Premium Organic Black Chia Seed. Our premium flax & chia has a pleasant nutty taste that is great sprinkled on salads, cereal, yogurts and smoothies.

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RAW Organics Organic Golden Flaxseed + Organic Antioxidant Fruit

RAW Organics™ Flaxseed + Antioxidant Fruit

Organically delicious! We’ve sweetened the nutritious flax with RAW certified organic fruits: blackberries, cranberries, raspberries and strawberries, plus delicious apples and tropical favorites bananas and mangos.

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