Dr. Perlmutter Formulated Complete Digestive Program

Dr. Formulated

Formulated by a world leader in the study of the human microbiome, these hypoallergenic formulas bring the science of whole foods to a new level.

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RAW Probiotics

RAW Probiotics™

Leading, Innovative formulas with a very diverse range of probiotics and kefir “buds” typically containing up to 32 different probiotics, formulated with enzymes and other nutrients.

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Primal Defense Probiotics

Primal Defense®

The original Probiotic that started our company – Primal Defense. To this day, these products are special, formulated with shelf-stable Bacillus subtilis, Lactobicillus and Biffidobacterim strains plus innovative formulas with cereal grasses and other soil-based goodness.

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