Family of Farms

Relationships...that's where it all starts and ends. We're extremely proud to have built solid, lasting relationships with our family of farmers. Not only do we know where our ingredients come from, we actually know the people growing and cultivating our organic ingredients.


Organic Cereal Grasses

South Central Utah

Organic cereal grass juices, including organic winter wheat, alfalfa, kamut, barley and oat—all featured in Garden of Life’s…

Organic Cranberry

New England

For over a decade, they’ve pioneered research into the nutritional value of the cranberry—the whole fruit, not just an...

Organic Peas

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Peas are one of the world’s oldest crops. Organic peas are entirely sun dried without the aid of fungicides and pesticides…

Organic Kale & Spinach

Have you ever seen a truck load of organic kale go from harvest to instantly freeze-dried? Me, either.  Here’s a very simple explanation of what happened…

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