Rhodiola rosea

Golden root (Rhodiola rosea), also known as rose root, rose wort and arctic root, is an arctic plant native to high altitude in arctic regions of Asia and Europe and has been an integral part of Russian and Scandinavian folk medicine for centuries. This circumpolar plant has gained considerable renown among contemporary botanical researchers and clinical practitioners. Used as a tonic to give strength and stamina to people recovering from a variety of issues, both short- and long-term, it has also been recognized for its antioxidant potential as well as its ability to support immune system health, increase physical endurance, and even to support focus and concentration during intense mental activity. It is considered one of the best adaptogens, with some claiming it is even more powerful than ginseng.
Rhodiola increases the level of enzymes, RNA and proteins important to muscle recovery and has also been shown to increase the levels of beta-endorphins in blood plasma. These effects, along with its antitoxic action, are thought to explain the plant’s many uses as an adaptogenic herb.

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