Organic Alfalfa Grass Juice

Alfalfa grass juice
Alfalfa grass juice is extremely potent and nutritious. Perhaps that’s why alfalfa is known as the “Father of All Foods,” a name that certainly fits.

Its name pretty much sums it up: alfalfa. It means “Father of All Foods,” which is a strong indicator of how highly it’s regarded. Alfalfa grass made its way to the United States via Asia in approximately 1850, and has been viewed as a nutritional wonder ever since.

In fact, alfalfa grass juice is extremely potent, and is often paired with fruit or veggie juices or grass juices. Alfalfa grass juice packs a powerful nutritional punch all by itself, but when combined with other juices, the results can be multiplied—especially if those juices are concentrated.

For starters, alfalfa grass is one of the richest mineral foods ever. Why? It has deep roots—as long as 130 feet—that supply the alfalfa plant with an array of nutrients. So, you can see why alfalfa grass juice is a favorite. In fact, the leaves, sprouts and seeds of alfalfa are also used for their health benefits.

Among other nutrients, here’s what you get from organic alfalfa grass juice, which, overall, is rich in vitamins and minerals, has eight essential amino acids, is low in calories and fat with no cholesterol, and is high in protein—all in a mild taste:

Vitamin C—As a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C is an important vitamin. A two-ounce serving of alfalfa grass juice contains approximately 13.5mg of vitamin C, which delivers 15 percent of the daily adequate intake for men and 18 percent for women.

Thiamin—Known also as vitamin B1, thiamin also plays a strong role in the health of the body. Just two ounces of alfalfa grass juice gives you 0.125mg of thiamin, which is a little over 11 percent of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for most adult women and a bit over 10 percent for adult men.

Magnesium—This mineral is necessary for many functions in the body, and alfalfa provides a great source. Just two ounces of alfalfa grass juice offers 45mg of magnesium—14 percent of the RDA for adult women and nearly 11 percent for adult men.

So, drink in alfalfa grass juice goodness, and, as always, choose Certified USDA Organic alfalfa grass juice, or you open yourself to consuming pesticides, GMOs and more.
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