5 Ways to Torch More Calories When Exercising

5 Ways to Torch More Calories When Exercising
by Ashley Grano

When trying to lose weight, it can become pretty easy to fall into a routine. Over time, this can lead to the experience of a weight loss plateau, which can be very frustrating. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be too difficult to consistently change up different techniques and practices to ensure lasting weight loss success. Further, regardless of your preferred exercise method, there are tweaks to suit every workout.

  1. Fuel your body. The old adage of eating a hearty breakfast is a key factor in helping burn fat. It works to jump start your metabolism, nourish muscle growth, plus initiate the fat burning process, says Muscle & Fitness. It also helps avoid ravenous lunches or late dinners, which can thwart progress.

  2. Let music get you moving. Whether you’re going for a jog, hitting the elliptical, or doing yoga, music is one of the best ways to experience a full mind-body connection when working out. According to a study from West London's Brunel University, exercising to a fitness playlist can help you to go up to 20% longer, thus burning more calories. Regardless of the type of music you choose, any form as long as it’s personally enjoyable can relieve fatigue, energize and help you to maintain a brisk pace by synchronizing movements.

  3. Get outside. Working out in the fresh air can be a stimulating change of scenery, plus has been proven to burn 10% more calories, versus an indoor equivalent of the same activity (like trail vs. treadmill) says Prevention. Depending on your terrain, you can burn even more calories with a more challenging incline, whether it be hiking, biking, jogging or even walking. While indoor stationary machines can be modified to increase intensity, they don’t have the added resistance elements you’d experience only outside, like the wind. Experts advise to start slowly when increasing inclines and hills, and always do a warm-up.

  4. Increase intensity. For massive calorie torching, increase the size of the weights you’re using. According to a study by Furman University, those participants who used heavier dumbbells burned about 25% more calories after they finished exercising. Heavier weights cause the body to work harder to repair and recover, leading to increased calorie burn.

  5. Choose herbal. Organic green tea has been known for a long time for its assistance in helping to burn fat. It makes for a perfect post-workout drink (or capsule supplement) to help replenish and restore, while also helping continue the benefits gained from a great workout.

So there you have it—some tips on how to pump up your workout and burn more calories.
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