Primal Defense

Primal Defense Formulas

Garden of Life was founded as a digestive health company over 20 years ago and the Primal Defense line of products was the cornerstone of that endeavor. These unique products are broad-spectrum, whole food probiotic formulas that include the Homeostatic Soil Organism (HSO) Blend to support normal bowel function and help maintain a healthy immune system.

Primal Defense Products

primal defense HSOprimal defense HSO

What are Homeostatic Soil Organisms—HSOs? 

The HSOs in Primal Defense are important probiotics you would get in abundance if your food came from soil untouched by pesticides, herbicides and other widely used chemicals. To replenish the valuable probiotics our pasteurized, irradiated, and processed food no longer provides, Primal Defense formulas include 12-13 species of hardy beneficial microorganisms in the HSO Probiotic Blend with fermented organic grasses. 

Something for Everyone

Primal Defense is offered in the Original Formula in both vegetarian caplets and powder form. Primal Defense Ultra comes in a 60, 90, and 180 count vegetarian capsule format. And don’t forget the kids! Our Kid’s formula is offered in a powder form that has a yummy light banana flavor kids will love.

primal defenseprimal defense
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