We Are Carbon Neutral

Garden of Life has been leading the way for sustainability over the past 20 years. Because we have spent all these years developing one of the world’s most sustainable supply chains, we were able to achieve certification 6 months ahead of schedule in 2021.

Garden of Life is officially certified Carbonfree® on both a brand and product level through third-party certifier Foundation.

We have dedicated more than 17 years to prioritizing sustainable practices to reduce our carbon footprint, from our LEED Gold-certified headquarters down to our ingredient sourcing, creating a large selection of Certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified nutrition supplements.

Our impact is the equivalent of one of the following:*



Million gallons of gas saved



Pounds of coal saved



Smartphone charges saved



Miles driven in a car removed

Source: Environmental Protection Agency - EPA
*Based on GoL offsetting 2021 MTCO2e

What does being Carbon Neutral mean?

Certified Carbonfree® by means that our carbon output has a “net neutral” impact on our environment.

Carbon Emissions – Carbon Offsets = Carbon Neutrality

Alternative Power SourcesAlternative Power Sources

Alternative Power Sources Across the World

In partnership with the, we offset any remaining emissions by purchasing renewable energy from India’s solar, wind, and hydroelectric operations through the Wind, Water and Solar (WWS) program. For more information, please visit:

100% Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Certified

Garden of Life is now also 100% Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Certified. As of 2021, Amazon is now placing a special stamp on certain products that are good for the environment and are certified by an Amazon-approved third party. Due to our partnership with, all Garden of Life products on Amazon are now Climate Pledge Friendly.

Amazon Climate Pledge FriendlyAmazon Climate Pledge Friendly

Sustainability and carbon neutral productSustainability and carbon neutral product

Commitment to Sustainability & Carbon Neutrality

Continuing to launch the most sustainable products on Earth, Garden of Life ensures that products are sourced and packaged with the lowest global impact in mind.

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