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Step by Step Workout Plan

How to Create Your Own Workout Plan: A Step-by-Step Guide

Start your fitness journey with our step-by-step guide to create your workout plan. Get expert advice and secrets to success in achieving your fitness goals. 

tracking health goals

Tracking Your Progress: Why it Matters for Your Health Goals

Tracking your progress is the only way to see how far you’ve come. Why measuring health metrics matters and how to monitor your progress toward health goals.

Mobility vs Flexibility

Mobility vs Flexibility: How They Differ and Why We Need Both

Mobility training might just be the best-kept secret to lifelong fitness. Discover the power of mobility exercises and how to add them to your fitness routine.

Pre-workout Foods

The Best Pre-Workout Foods to Fuel Your Muscles

What you eat before a workout can dictate your performance and recovery. Learn the top pre-workout foods to level up your gym routine. 

Cold Plunge

Cold Plunge: The Hottest (and Coldest) Fitness Trend

Cold plunge is the icy new trend heating up the fitness scene. Here’s how taking regular ice baths can improve recovery and help manage stress. 

Ruck Workout

What is a Ruck Workout?

Ruck workouts combine the benefits of cardio and strength training into a new way to walk.

Wearable Technology for Fitness

Wearable Technology: Take Your Workout Into the Future

Heart rate monitors, smart devices, and sleep trackers are all wearable technology, the top fitness trend that transforms an accessory into a fitness partner. 

Best Fitness Class for Me

How to Find the Best Fitness Classes For Your Needs

Looking to mix up your workout routine with a fitness class? This article explores the pros and cons of the most popular group fitness classes. 

Zone 2 Training

What is Zone 2 Training?

Zone 2 training is a fast-growing cardio trend that is all about going slow. Here's how to add it to your workout routine. 

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