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kids playing soccer

Surviving Summer Sport Practice

Tips to keep kids healthy and safe during hot summer sport practice.

Spring Into Action to Enjoy the Season

Spring Into Action to Enjoy the Season

Put a spring in your step with these fresh, fun ideas for staying active outdoors this spring.

woman weighing herself

Body Fat Threatens Making Good Choices

Dr. Perlmutter dives into how having excess body fat may just be affecting our brain process.

Have a Ball! Home Workout

A stability ball workout is the perfect way to get in a total body workout right in the privacy of your own home—in minimal time.

people running on a trail

Even Mild Exercise Helps the Brain

Brain health, especially as we age, should be foremost on your mind. Dr. Perlmutter shares how exercise can help.

lifting weights

How To Lose Fat, Not Muscle

For true healthy and lasting weight loss, the goal should not be fixated on weight alone, but rather on the type of weight actually being lost.
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