Carbon Neutral FAQ

Certified Carbon NeutralCertified Carbon Neutral

1. Why does Carbon Neutrality matter and what does it mean?

Why does any of this matter, and why does it matter so much to us at Garden of Life? To be carbon neutral means having a balance between emitting carbon and absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. There are many ways to achieve this status, but the end result must always be that you have released zero carbon emissions. It is almost impossible for a company to eliminate their carbon footprint completely, so, companies instead can purchase what we call “carbon credits” to offset the amount of carbon emissions that their company has remaining after reducing their emissions with other factors first. At Garden of Life, we see business as a powerful tool in lifting up communities. A healthy community leads to healthy people living in those communities. Ultimately, our mission is to empower extraordinary health, and we believe that becoming Certified Carbon Neutral allows us opportunities to do so that we would not have otherwise. With our role in sustainability, we can directly impact business practices all over the world.


2. Can offsetting carbon emissions really tackle climate change?

Nothing any single company or person does alone could ever completely tackle climate change; however, when enough companies or individuals come together and start implementing sustainable practices, a true impact can be seen. That’s why Garden of Life offsets our carbon emissions, because we know that we are a part of a bigger community—a community whose actions are truly making an impact in tackling climate change.


3. Will you switch your products in plastic to a biodegradable material/more sustainable packaging alternative?

Yes! This is a continual process at Garden of Life in which we are constantly working towards more sustainable packaging alternatives. We have actively been switching to more sustainable packaging alternatives every year. In fact, we have been using PCR (Post Consumer Recycled Plastic) for our products for many years, and every year we increase the percentage of PCR that is used in our packaging.


4. Is your Shipping eco-friendly?

Garden of Life has instituted shipping programs to make sure every order placed produces the least environmental impact.


5. Are your packaging materials recyclable? (Lid/Cap, label/wrapper, bottle/desiccant)

This is determined on a product-to-product basis. See packaging details for recycling instructions. But yes, most of our packaging materials are recyclable.

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