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Exercise and Your Brain’s Destiny

Exercise and Your Brain’s Destiny

How would you like to undergo stem cell therapy that would target your brain? What if I told you there was a new stem cell program that will give your brain stem cells, enhance the growth and functionality of your brain’s memory center
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Easy Steps to Boost Your Mood

In this age of social media with millions of Facebook status updates, tweets, Instagram posts, Snapchat and dozens of other platforms, we spend a lot of time caring about what people think of us.
Probiotics for Ear Health

Probiotics for Ear Health

Kids get a lot of ear infections. In fact, it has been estimated that as many as 80% of children will experience at least one event of an acute ear infection, technically called acute otitis media (AOM)
Temperance in Antibiotic Use Health Article

Temperance in Antibiotic Usage

Dr. Martin Blaser, author of the book Missing Microbes, recently penned a thought-provoking editorial in the journal Science, entitled Antibiotic use and its consequences for the normal microbiome.
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