Herbals Liposomal Berberine Capsules

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  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Carbon Neutral
  • NSF GF Certified
  • Kosher Star K
  • No Dairy
  • No Soy
  • 1% for the Planet


  • Blood sugar and blood glucose support 1  
  • Cholesterol support 1
  • Healthy glucose metabolism  
  • Cravings support
  • 1 g liposomal berberine for optimal absorption
  • 200mcg clinically studied Chromax® chromium 
Berberine Supplement Berberine Supplement

For Blood Sugar Support,†1 Choose Garden of Life Herbals Liposomal Berberine

Garden of Life Herbals Liposomal Berberine is a comprehensive blood glucose support formula with clinically studied ingredients including Berberine, a powerful plant compound that supports already healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and Chromax®, a patented ingredient shown to help reduce carbohydrate cravings and support already healthy glucose metabolism.

Our liposomal technology promotes optimal absorption and utilization in the body, meaning these powerful ingredients get where they need to go. The result is comprehensive metabolic support with just two vegan capsules daily. 

Garden of Life Herbals Liposomal Berberine—herbals with a purpose.

1Supports blood sugar and cholesterol already in the normal range.

Liposomal Berberine Liposomal Berberine

What’s Inside:

  • 1 g of liposomal berberine for optimal absorption
  • 200mcg of Chromax® chromium picolinate
  • 250 million CFU Bacillus Coagulans SNZ

Why Choose Garden of Life Herbals? 

Garden of Life Herbals are rooted in nature and curated by science, so you get clinically studied ingredients and targeted formulas made for your unique needs. Third-party certifications like Non-GMO Project Verified and NSF Certified Gluten Freeensure that our ingredients are clean, traceable, and of the highest quality, so you can feel good about empowering your extraordinary health, every single day.

Liposomal Berberine Liposomal Berberine

Herbals Liposomal Berberine Supplement is:

Berberine Supplement Berberine Supplement
Garden of Life Herbals Liposomal Berberine is Non-GMO Project Verified, NSF Certified Gluten Free, and Star K Kosher.

Garden of Life Herbals Liposomal Berberine Features:

Berberine Supplement Berberine Supplement

Liposomal Technology

Our patent-pending technology promotes absorption by protecting nutrients from stomach acid

Berberine Supplement Berberine Supplement


This patented chromium picolinate is shown in multiple studies to support already healthy glucose metabolism & a reduction in carb cravings.

Berberine Supplement Berberine Supplement


With 250 million CFU Bacillus coagulans SNZ 1969® probiotics for digestive health

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