4 Benefits of Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Day

take daughter to work
Buckle up—Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Day is here!

Looking at your calendar, the idea of your kids tagging along on a work day may seem stressful—but for your child, a day at work with mom and/or dad (and having a legitimate reason to miss school) is something that will stick with them forever. Here at Garden of Life®, we strongly emphasize a work-life balance and have planned an entire day of scheduled activities for the kiddos. Some of the joys you’ll find in our parking-lot-turned-playground are face painting, a petting zoo and games for all ages to enjoy.

Even though the idea of bringing your youngsters to work may seem like a burden, there are many benefits to participating in this special day with your family.

  1. It’s a learning experience. While it’s important to make this day fun for the kids, it’s just as important to make it educational. This is a chance for your child to see how hard you work during the day, understand the responsibilities of a full-time job, and a great opportunity for them to experience a work environment.

  2. It brings you closer. Allowing your kids to see you outside the role of a parent can give them a new perspective about the multi-dimensional person that you are as their mom and/or dad. This appreciation can help the two of you bond. Plus, seeing your child take an interest in the work that you do can be incredibly rewarding.

  3. It teaches them the importance of life balance. It’s all too easy to get caught up in our busy schedules. At times, getting through your workload takes priority while other aspects of your life may feel neglect. This is a perfect chance to hit the reset button and find that balance again, and to teach your children to do the same.

  4. It inspires them to succeed. Older children who attend could find it valuable to get a glimpse of available career paths. This may help them consider what they choose to focus on after their school days.

Ultimately, the main point of this day is to spend time with each other. It should be something that both you and your kids look forward to! If your job or company doesn’t put a huge emphasis on this day, try to come up with some creative activities so you and the kids can participate.

Oh, and most importantly … Have fun!
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