DIY Mason Jar Firefly Lights

Firefly Lights Video

Looking to light up your next outdoor get-together? We’ve got an easy, fun project for all of you DIY-ers: Mason Jar Firefly Lights. This simple project will add just the right amount of spark to any event. Let’s get started!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 12-18 strands of Firefly Lights (we used these battery-operated, copper-wire strands found on Etsy)

  • 12 Mason Jars, plus any variety of glass jars and/or vases you may have

  • 48 feet Twine


  1. Cut twine into 2-foot long segments (cut 24 segments total)

  2. Remove lid from Mason jars

  3. Tie one segment of twine securely around the top of each jar

  4. Tie a second segment of twine securely around the opposite side of the top of the jar

  5. Turn on firefly light strand, place in jar and fashion so that the lights are spread out in the jar to your liking

  6. Put lid on Mason jar and secure tightly

  7. Repeat process with all Mason jars

  8. Hang jars over tree branches at various levels by tying the two pieces of twine together over the branch, snipping off any excess twine; or, simply place on tabletops

  9. For the other glass jars and vases: Turn on firefly lights, arrange in glass container and scatter around the yard and/or on tables. If you’re using vases, greenery is a lovely touch to the firefly lights

  10. Enjoy!


Try these out at any occasion: weddings, evening picnics, banquets or simply home décor!
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