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quercetin plant antioxidant

What is Quercetin? A Plant Antioxidant for Better Health

Discover the health benefits of quercetin, a plant-based antioxidant. From apples to capers, we explore the best food sources and supplement options for your health.

dark chocolate benefits

Top Reasons to Eat More (Dark) Chocolate

Not that we needed more reasons to eat dark chocolate, but research shows there are definitely some health benefits to this delectable bite!

pumpkin benefits

The Incredible, Edible Pumpkin

Put that pumpkin latte down and head to your nearest health food store or farmer’s market to pick out a few of autumn’s hottest vegetable!
fall spices

4 Amazingly Good-For-You Fall Spices

Before you feel guilty for indulging in your first pumpkin spice latte, you’ll be happy to know that these 4 fall spices have some serious health benefits.

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