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Blood sugar and the brain

Blood Sugar and Your Brain

Healthy brain function, at any age, should be at the top of your "health concerns." Dr. Perlmutter talks blood sugar and how it affects your brain health.
High sugar intake children

High Sugar Intake & Our Kids

We've all heard that sugar is not good for any of us, but the American Heart Association has some new, lower recommendations for kids that you need to understand.
Dr Perlmutter and artificial sweetners

"But It’s Sugar-Free!"

Dr. Perlmutter explains how artificial sweeteners may actually "cause" weight gain and other health issues.

DIY Sugar Scrub

Simply combine coconut oil with sea salt or sugar for a daily exfoliator. While the salt or sugar exfoliates the skin, the coconut oil moisturizes it.
sugar and heart disease

Sugar and Heart Disease

Not only is sugar regarded as one of the biggest health threats of our time, too much of it can also lead to heart disease.
ADHD and food

ADHD and F-O-O-D

Some experts believe there’s a connection between ADHD and food, with some foods exacerbating ADHD symptoms and other foods calming them.
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