4 Simple Swaps to Eat Healthier on Memorial Day

healthier memorial dayhealthier memorial day

by Tracey Pollack

Memorial Day, aka the unofficial start to summer, is a long weekend known for spending time outdoors, hanging by the pool and dusting off the grill for a cookout with family and friends. It’s also the perfect time to show off that summer figure you’ve worked all year for.

We know what you’re thinking – “How do I resist the tempting food that’s within arm’s reach on a holiday weekend?” Don’t fret; we’ve got your back this Memorial Day Weekend with tips to keep your holiday gathering healthy and colorful, and to minimize the bloat when you’re rockin’ that new swimsuit.

    1. Try burger alternatives. Although the words “healthy” and “burger” are not typically used in the same sentence, these Sweet Potato Quinoa Burgers are here to change that. Traditional burgers can leave you feeling heavy after consumption, but this vegan option will not—they’re easy to make and call for good-for-you, wholesome ingredients. Another way to enjoy a healthier burger is to swap out the bun for a lettuce “bun” instead.


    1. Take advantage of seasonal fresh fruit. Summer is the season of flavorful fruit! Whip up a berry-filled fruit salad as a refreshing option in the near-summertime heat. Or, try grilling fruit to add that extra flavor to your protein. From peaches to pineapple, you really can’t go wrong with any of the seasonal fruit(s) you choose!


    1. Use healthy substitutions. Coleslaw: one of the most popular side dishes at a BBQ. Loaded with mayo, this staple side isn’t the healthiest complement to your burger. Swap out the mayo with mashed avocado for a serving of super-healthy fats without losing that creamy taste. For those irresistible, creamy dips loaded with sour cream, try making them with plain Greek yogurt instead for a boost of protein.


    1. Drink wisely: While those sugary, carb-loaded beverages are definitely tasty, they can make you feel extra bloated and uncomfortable (things you do not want to feel while poolside!). Try sipping on some hydrating infused water this weekend to feel extra refreshed.

So, if you’re hosting the #MDW17 cookout, we advise you to ditch the greasy burgers and ketchup-slathered hotdogs for these healthy alternatives that will keep you and your guests enjoying seconds (and possibly thirds!) without the guilt.

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