5 Ways to Grow Excited for Spring

Are you sick of the dark days of winter? Sounds like a case of spring fever. This sense of excitement for spring’s arrival tends to be quite contagious, so don’t be surprised if this restless exuberance is shared by those around you. While spring hasn’t sprung just yet, you can start getting back in the swing of spring in all kinds of exciting ways.

  1. Sow the Seeds for a Backyard Garden

Whether you put your garden to bed last year or you’re just getting going on growing, now is the perfect time to start planning your backyard garden. While you can always fill your garden with a bunch of beautiful blooms, you can also plan your land to yield garden-fresh fruits and veggies for healthy meals and snacks. You can also grow an herb garden to spice up your food with flavor and soothe your stress with scent. Or maybe plant a butterfly garden to attract those fluttering flyers. So pick your perfect garden, select a sunny spot and plant your seeds today. Then your garden can start growing right along with your excitement for spring.

  1. Map Out a Fresh Exercise Route

After a winter of the same-old dreary workout, take your fitness routine in a whole new direction this spring. Follow a different path to achieving your healthy goals by mapping out an entirely new running, walking or biking route. You will explore an exciting new area as you bask in the balmy breezes of the longer, lighter evenings. By getting a step ahead of the season and planning your path today, you can spring into your new routine once the warm weather hits its stride. 

  1. Refresh Your Wardrobe

Those bulky, heavy sweaters and dark, wintry colors have all worn out their welcome. Time to pack them all away and brighten up your wardrobe with some colorful things for spring. Start filling up your closet with both new and favorite spring things. After all, warmer weather calls for lighter, carefree clothing that lets you greet the season in style. 

  1. Pick or Pick-Up Some Flowers

Bring the spring indoors! Spruce up your home or office with the colorful blooms of the season. Along with brightening up your space, flowers have been shown to lighten up your mood and give your spirits a much-needed lift. Whether you choose sunny daffodils, a bouquet of delicate tulips or a bunch from your backyard, adding springtime flowers really allows your space to blossom into a sunny reminder of spring.

  1. Break into Planning Your Spring Break

While winter vacation keeps us busy with the demands of friends and family, Spring Break is for relaxing in the sun or simply chilling out at home. If you’re anxious to escape, now is the time to research your dream destinations and find the very best deals. If a staycation is just the ticket, look forward to catching up on sleep and catching a break from the stress of your usual schedule. Even if the weather feels like winter, planning your springtime retreat shows that spring is almost here.

If you’re growing impatient for spring, try these refreshing ideas to start getting back in the spring of things.
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