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At Garden of Life, we thought it would be nice to introduce you to some of our heroes. The community of organic, sustainable farming families that partner with us to do what’s best for your health, and best for our world. Sure there is business to do, but most importantly we simply love to call these folks our friends.

Organic Cereal Grasses Farm

South Central Utah

Organic cereal grass juices, including organic winter wheat, alfalfa, kamut, barley and oat—all featured in Garden of Life’s industry leading Perfect Food® RAW organic family of green drink powders, farmed exclusively in Utah.

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Organic Cranberry Farm

New England

The developers of our organic cranberry ingredients: Organic Pacran® and Organic Flowens®. For over a decade, they’ve pioneered research into the nutritional value of the cranberry—the whole fruit, not just an extracted portion.

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Organic Pea Farm

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Both conventional and organic peas that are used for pea protein are grown to full maturity when the pods turn green. However, unlike conventional peas, organic peas are entirely sun dried without the aid of fungicides and pesticides.

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Organic Kale & Spinach Farm


Three generations of VanDrunnen family farmers greeted us. Eighty-two-year-old Ed VanDrunnen told us how he took over his father’s farm when they grew chives and other greens to bring into Chicago on market days.

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