Sneak in a Move

quick exercises
There’s no such thing as not enough time to exercise—at work or at home.

The number one excuse for not exercising is, “I don’t have enough time.” Well we’re here to tell you you’re wrong. Everyone can find 15 minutes during their day that can be put to good use. Keep in mind, the 15 minutes doesn’t all have to come at the same time—two-to-three minutes here and there will add up to 15 minutes in no time.

Whether you work in an office or are at home making dinner for the family, here are a few suggestions:

  • Get up out of your chair and use your office desk to perform modified pushups. At home cooking dinner? While waiting for the water to boil, use the kitchen counter. Do 10-15 repetitions and rest for 15 seconds. Repeat the set 2 more times.

  • Walk quickly around the building, your office floor or your house two-to- three times and use the stairs if you have them. Repeat this several times throughout the day.

  • On a conference call or waiting for laundry to dry? Do squats or lunges (if office attire allows). Do as many as possible and rest for 30 seconds. Repeat set several times.

  • Keep light dumbbells handy in your office or home. While reading a report or making the next grocery list, pick up the weights and do bicep curls into a shoulder press. Perform 15 repetitions and rest for 15 seconds. Repeat the set 2 more times.

So you see, there really is no such thing as not enough time to exercise. Just sneak in a move!


In order to avoid risk of injury, please seek advice directly from your physician, especially if you have existing medical issues, before beginning any exercise or nutritional program. Also, be sure to stretch after exercise to avoid muscle and joint tightness.
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