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What Foods are High in Fiber

What is Fiber? Plus, 10 High Fiber Foods

Looking to add more fiber to your diet? There are plenty of delicious, nutritious fiber sources to choose from.

The Benefits of Prebiotics

The Benefits of Prebiotics

Are you ready to discover the magical power of prebiotics? This article takes a closer look at these mighty little helpers – what they are, where you can find them and how they'll help keep your gut in tip-top condition! 

Benefits of Postbiotics

Get After the Benefits of Postbiotics

After all the buzz about probiotics and prebiotics, there’s a new biotic on the block and it’s after the healthy spotlight!

Rebalance the Gut—Rebalance the Immune System

Rebalance the Gut—Rebalance the Immune System

Dr. Perlmutter shares his excitement regarding the incredible increase in scientific research that relates gut issues to various health problems elsewhere in the body.

6 Ways Apples are Amazing for Health

Almost everyone is familiar with the old proverb, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” – but not everyone knows why! Apples are great for a healthy diet.
mix of carbs on a wood board

Carbs—Yay or Nay?

There’s so much research around carb intake, full of different opinions from different people. . .it’s no wonder so many are confused.

hot health messes to avoid

Hot Health Messes to Avoid

The long, warm days of summer are amazing, but unhealthy bacteria and other microbes can proliferate in the summer heat.
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