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men's probiotics and health

Men’s Health & Probiotics

Dr. Perlmutter explains the importance of probiotics and how they can pave the way to men's overall health. Learn more about men's probiotics and health.
fast food health problems

Fast Food Harms Microbiome

A fast food diet can get rid you of good microbes in a short amount of time, setting the stage for unhealthy consequences.
Temperance in Antibiotic Use Health Article

Temperance in Antibiotic Usage

Dr. Martin Blaser, author of the book Missing Microbes, recently penned a thought-provoking editorial in the journal Science, entitled Antibiotic use and its consequences for the normal microbiome.
When Gluten Attacks

When Gluten Attacks

Gluten can be a problem for many, and most people think of gluten and how it affects the gut. For example, celiac disease
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