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Protein Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Easy Protein Chocolate Mousse

Mmmm, who doesn’t love chocolate mousse? Even better, how about an easy Protein Chocolate Mousse recipe? Simple to whip up with just five ingredients, you’ll be savoring the yumminess of this gluten-free, vegetarian mousse in minutes. Added bonus—this recipe from Chef Gwen includes Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein in delicious chocolate flavor so you can feel good about indulging.

Sustainable Coconuts

You’ll go Sustainably Coconuts for Creamy Protein with Oatmilk

What’s creamy, delicious, and packed with plant-based protein? Garden of Life’s new Organic Creamy Protein with Oatmilk. Just one sip of this creamy delight and you’ll be hooked!

Various ways to use protein powder

9 Ways to Use Protein Powder That Aren’t Smoothies

Think smoothies are no great shakes? Here are nine smoothie-free ways to use protein powder to power you through the day. 

No Bake Protein Bites

Protein Sugar Cookie Dough Bites

This yummy, no-bake cookie dough recipe will have them pleading for more and the best part is, these delicious bites include Garden of Life Creamy Protein Powder in Vanilla Wafer flavor—winning! You won’t be disappointed in this simple, easy-to-make cookie dough recipe.  

how to calculate protein needs

How to Calculate Your Protein Needs According to a Dietitian

The amount of protein we need per day depends primarily on your weight and physical activity level. Here’s how to calculate protein needs in 2 easy steps.

Chocolate Chai Brownie Thins

Chocolate Chai Brownie Thins

Need an idea for dessert? Try this yummy Chocolate Chai Brownie Thins recipe with an added boost from Garden of Life Creamy Protein with Oatmilk.

raw organic meal pineapple blueberry smoothie

Pineapple Blueberry Smoothie

This delicious, nutritious Pineapple Blueberry Smoothie is the perfect meal-on-the-go.

Almond Butter Chocolate Oat Cups

Almond Butter Chocolate Oat Cups

These delicious Chocolate Almond Oat Cups don't require any baking (only freezing) and have added protein for a healthy boost.

Santa’s Nice List Donuts

Santa’s Nice List Donuts

You'll want to be sure not to be naughty and stay on the nice list for these yummy Santa's Nice List Donuts with added Raw Meal protein.

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