Katie Mackey

Professional Track and Field Athlete

I live in Seattle, WA and am a member of the Brooks Beasts Track Club, a professional middle distance track team sponsored by Brooks. I race the 800m, 1500m/mile and 5,000m and currently have the Olympic A standard in all 3 events. I’m a silver medalist in the mile at the USA Indoor Track and Field Championships in 2015 and a bronze medalist in the 1500m at the USA Outdoor track and field championships in 2014. Last year I was ranked 4th in the US and 17th in the world in the 5000m and am one of 4 American women to have ever won a Diamond League race (3000m in Stockholm this past July). My goal is to make the Olympic Team in the 5000m at the Trials this July!


Off the track, I’m a high energy person who can usually be found bouncing off the walls or happily chatting someone’s ear off (when I’m not totally dead from training;). I live for the outdoors and most of my non-running hobbies involve being active outside, from backpacking to mountain biking to kayaking. I am passionate about not only exercise but also nutrition and feeling good from the inside out, which is why I love using Garden of Life products. They are of the highest quality, so I have peace of mind knowing that there are no unknown or harmful substances or ingredients being hidden. They help me withstand the high demands that I place on my body through training and perform to the absolute best of my ability!

Q & A:

Hometown:  Seattle, WA

Most Significant Career Highlight:  American Record holder and silver medalist in the 4×1500 meters 2014, Bronze in the USA Track and Field Championships 1500m 2014

Favorite food:  A nice dark chocolate:) Fresh Northwest Salmon! My favorite company is Theo based out of Seattle, WA. I run past their factory all the time and it smells delicious!

My Health Food Store:  Metropolitan Market, I live next door to one in Seattle and it’s amazing.

My Favorite Garden of Life supplements:  Mykind Organics Women’s MultivitaminOlde World Icelandic Cod Liver Oil Lemon MintMykind Organics Vegan D3 Chews 2000 IU Raspberry-LemonRAW Probiotics Ultimate Care 100 Billion CFUVitamin Code Healthy Blood.

My Secret to Staying Healthy:  ModerationI try to have a 95%/5% rule where I eat mostly healthy foods like fruits, veggies, lean meats and whole grains…and the other 5% I leave for that cupcake I’m craving or a nice juicy burger and fries. If you’re not totally deprived, making the healthy choice is much healthier!

My favorite training tip:  Listen to your body! Sometimes the training plan needs to be adjusted, and one day off can save you from a potential injury that can cost you weeks or months down the road if you ignore the initial pain.

My Significant Others:  Husband and coach Danny Mackey (couldn’t do what I do without him!), my family and teammates (who help me find the strength to keep on going when it gets tough!), and my cat Pico (to keep me laughing!)

 My Favorite Song:  Always changing, right now I’m loving Beyonce’s Formation.

My Favorite Movie:  Ah there’s so many! The one movie that’s always bound to bring a smile to my face that I keep on my ipad while traveling is Bridesmaids.

My Favorite Holiday:  Hands down, it’s Christmas!

My Favorite Item of Clothing:  I love my Brooks Ghosts running shoes.

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up:  No idea, I want to stay involved in track somehow. I’d love to be an assistant coach.

My Favorite Super Hero:  Wolverine, I’d love to be able to always repair instantly!

Charities or Causes I Support: I think it’s awesome that running can help make changes in people’s lives here and abroad, so I love to support charities like Ryan and Sarah Hall’s “The Steps Foundation” and Lopez Lomong’s “4 South Sudan.”

If I Could Change One Thing About Myself, It Would Be:  I have a horrible memory

My goals:  Make the Olympic Team in the 5000m

Upcoming events or competitions:  Olympic Trials in Eugene, OR July 1-10th.