June 25, 2018 12:00 pm

New line of responsibly sourced oils from around the globe is designed to enhance physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health through aromatherapy

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. (June 25, 2018) — In ancient times, the world’s populations discovered the use of essential oils to enhance their well-being. Now, Garden of Life®, a leader and innovator in Certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified nutritional products, has partnered with one of America’s leading experts in aromatherapy and its network of family farms worldwide to introduce 10 new essential oils for people who also strive to lead healthier lifestyles today — with the added assurance of third-party certification, responsible sourcing and 100 percent pure extraction methods.

Designed to be used in aromatherapy, the new oils make it easy to lift spirits, calm the senses and enjoy many other physical and emotional benefits from some of the world’s favorite scents. All are made using purity-tested ingredients that meet manufacturing guidelines for safety from the International Fragrance Association and the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association.

“Essential oils have been available for years, but very few of them are Certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified, using purity-tested ingredients that ensure they are safe to use. Our new line of essential oils is another way to provide products that deliver on our promise to empower extraordinary health,” said Brian Ray, president, Garden of Life.

The power of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the holistic, therapeutic application of essential oils for enhancing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health of an individual. To create essential oils, highly concentrated aromatic extracts are distilled or expressed from flowers, fruits, leaves and resins. When used with a diffuser, the fragrance of the oil spreads into the air, stimulating the brain to create a sense of well-being.

Scents from around the world

Garden of Life’s new organic oils are sourced from around the globe, ranging from energetic Peppermint grown in India, to calming Lavender from France and Bulgaria, to lively Lemon from Argentina. The complete line also includes Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Orange, Geranium, Lemongrass, Rosemary and Frankincense.

Garden of Life partnered with the Robertet Groupe, a fifth-generation company founded in Grasse, France, and a global leader in organic essential oils, to create its new line of products and to ensure the sustainability, traceability and security of all oils used.

Lavender: Derived from the fragrant purple flowers of lavender plants grown in Bulgaria and France, Garden of Life’s Lavender Organic Oil supports emotional connection, rest, contentment, calming and muscle relaxation. Offered in both a 1 oz. (30 mL) bottle and a .5 oz. (15 mL) bottle.

Peppermint: Garden of Life Peppermint Organic Oil has a fresh, powerful and herbaceous aroma. Its cooling, awakening, energizing and refreshing feeling can be used to ease discomfort. Offered in both a 1 oz. (30 mL) bottle and a .5 oz. (15 mL) bottle.

Lemon: Derived from the rind of lemon fruit grown on citrus limon trees in Argentina, the fresh aromatic scent of Garden of Life Lemon Organic Oil creates a joyful, uplifting and positive effect, while supporting clarity and focus. Available in a .5 oz. (15 mL) bottle.

Tea Tree: The freshly cut leaves of tea tree plants grown in South Africa create Garden of Life Tea Tree Organic Oil’s fresh, lemon, spicy and camphor scent, which can give the experience of cleansing and purification. Available in a .5 oz. (15 mL) bottle.

Eucalyptus: Oils from eucalyptus leaves are associated with providing protective effects for the body. Sourced from trees grown in China, Garden of Life’s Organic Eucalyptus Oil is known to provide a feeling of clarity and focus. Available in a .5 oz. (15 mL) bottle.

Sweet Orange: Derived from the peels of fresh oranges grown in the U.S., Garden of Life Sweet Orange Organic Oil offers a fresh citrusy scent that can be used to create an uplifting, joyful and positive ambiance, helping to nourish the creative spirit. Available in a .5 oz. (15 mL) bottle.

Geranium: Fragrant geranium plants grown in the Nile Delta of Egypt are used to make Garden of Life Organic Geranium Oil. The scent of geraniums is associated with love, connection, caring, calming and compassion, as well as soothing and anti-anxiety effects. Available in a .5 oz. (15 mL) bottle.

Lemongrass: Derived from freshly cut and partially dried tropical grasses grown in India, the fresh, strong, lemon-like scent of Garden of Life Organic Lemongrass Oil can be used to create feelings of joy, calmness and relaxation. Available in a .5 oz. (15 mL) bottle.

Rosemary: Grown in the mountains of Tunisia, the leaves of rosemary shrubs give Garden of Life Organic Rosemary Oil its fresh, heady, powerful and herbaceous scent. It can be used to support clarity, focus and protective effects. Available in a .5 oz. (15 mL) bottle.

Frankincense: Garden of Life’s Frankincense Organic Oil is made from the fragrant gum resin of trees native to Somalia. Its fresh, spicy and camphor-like aroma can be used to foster calmness, introspection, inner peace and healing. Available in a .5 oz. (15 mL) bottle.

Starter kit and promotional offer

For a limited time, Garden of Life is offering starter kits containing four essential oils, including Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree and Lemon. Consumers who purchase the kit will also receive a free Garden of Life diffuser. Garden of Life Organic Essential Oils are available now in stores across the country. To locate a store, visit

About Garden of Life

Garden of Life, LLC is the recognized leader and innovator in whole food, science-based, USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified nutrition. Headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, the company offers more than 250 branded supplements that help people achieve extraordinary health. For more information on Garden of Life, visit


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