Back-to-School: 5 Essentials for a Healthier Start to the School Year

healthy back to school
Parents, rejoice! Students, get ready. Summer has come to a close and the moment has arrived . . . school’s back.

Everyone knows a good night’s sleep, a protein-packed breakfast and fresh fruit for a vitamin-C boost are good ways to set kids up for the day, but our tips take school year health to the next level. Try out these five health essentials to beat the back-to-school frenzy and kick start the school year:


Providing digestive and immune system support, probiotics are essential for all. Garden of Life® Dr. Formulated Organic Kids+, a Certified USDA Organic berry cherry probiotic chewable, is the perfect supplement to breakfast before school. The tasty tablet also contains vitamin C, D and prebiotic fiber to help maintain a healthy immune system.


Prepare some fresh on-the-go snacks for throughout the school day. Portioned, raw nuts and fresh fruit are easy options. If you’re looking to jazz things up, check out The 20 Best Snacks for Kids by Parents Magazine (we’re totally trying the Pear Pinwheels!).


While the heat of the summer is finally dying down, staying loyal to H2O is still just as important. Pack a spill-proof, reusable water bottle to help your student stay hydrated throughout the day, maximizing their efforts inside and outside of the classroom.


A recent study found that 72 degrees was optimum for students’ productivity, which means that classrooms tend to be on the chilly side. Make sure to pack a sweater, jacket or cardigan to keep the kiddos on their A-game.


Start the school year on a positive note! Write down some words of wisdom and slip the note into their backpack before the bell. Just when they dig in to grab a textbook, they’ll discover the message that’ll get them through the day with a smile. Mission accomplished.

Whether your scholar is beginning first or fifth grade, these five health essentials assure the healthiest and happiest first day yet!


  • How does your family prepare for the first day of school?

  • Do your kids have a favorite healthy lunch or snack?

  • What are your must-have vitamins for you and the kids?

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