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Rebalance the Gut—Rebalance the Immune System

Rebalance the Gut—Rebalance the Immune System

Dr. Perlmutter shares his excitement regarding the incredible increase in scientific research that relates gut issues to various health problems elsewhere in the body.
Ketosis and Cognition

Ketosis and Cognition

Dr. Perlmutter discusses he link between ketosis and brain function. This study reveals several very important findings that are worthy of attention.
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Exercise and Gut Health

Dr. Perlmutter shares that recent research shows how important exercise is for not only brain functionality, but even in terms of reducing dementia risk.

gmos and autism

GMO and Autism

Dr. Perlmutter shares some research done on the connection between GMOs and Autism.
Blood sugar and the brain

Blood Sugar and Your Brain

Healthy brain function, at any age, should be at the top of your "health concerns." Dr. Perlmutter talks blood sugar and how it affects your brain health.
Caffeine and ketosis

Caffeine and Ketosis

Dr. Perlmutter shares some recent research on caffeine and ketosis.
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