7 Summer Road Trip Essentials

summer road trip essentials
The summer season is in full swing, which often means vacation time. The ever-popular road trip has been a long-time favorite way to travel during the summer, whether to avoid the hassles of plane travel, to get away but stay close to home, or just to explore and take in some new scenery. For a healthy, happy road trip, don’t forget these essentials:

  1. A stocked cooler. With temperatures soaring, an ample supply of water is crucial, especially for unexpected car trouble or traffic delays. Pack a large cooler with ice, and you can also store cold foods safely for up to 12 hours.

  2. Healthy, non-messy snacks. Rule of thumb: mix proteins with complex carbs for satiety. Apples and cheese, hard-boiled eggs and whole-wheat crackers, PB&J sandwiches, granola with raisins, nuts and seeds with grapes are all easy, convenient choices.

  3. Chewable vitamins. From encountering germy hotel rooms and pit stops, to indulging in unhealthy food and staying up way too late, vacations can lower resistance to colds and viruses. Keep your immune system strong with ultra-convenient vitamin gummies. mykind Organics vitamin chews are made with real, Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified fruits. They’re also free of synthetic ingredients, artificial flavors or colors. With multivitamin varieties available for the whole family, mykind Organics are a simple, effective and tasty way to stay healthy on the road.

  4. Baby wipes. These great multi-taskers can be used for almost anything, from wiping off sticky fingers or a car seat, freshening up underarms, cleaning pet hair if traveling with Fido or Fluffy, removing eye makeup, and even used as toilet paper in a pinch. They are also ideal for a quick wipe-down after the beach, removing sand, salt water, and sunscreen. Choose a natural variety, free of alcohol, synthetic cleaners, dyes or fragrances. They’re better for the environment and sensitive skin.

  5. Essential oils. Pack travel-safe bottles with essential oils to handle any situation with some help from aromatherapy. Hit some traffic and feeling tense? Use lavender or ylang ylang. Feeling sleepy? Try peppermint to stay alert. Kids cranky? Soothe them with rose or chamomile.

  6. A first aid kit. Bandages, anti-septic wipes and ointment for small cuts, hydro-cortisone cream for bug bites, anti-diarrheal medicine for upset stomachs, and aspirin for headaches are some handy basics to have ready as needed.

  7. A hard-copy map. Even if traveling with a cell phone and/or car with GPS functionality, there is always the possibility that these modern technologies will fail. Don’t risk getting lost by having a reliable back-up map to get re-oriented and back on your way!

So, be sure to include these essentials on your summer road trip so you can enjoy every step along the way!

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