Latest Additions to the mykind Organics Line

The Latest mykind Organics Products Line Extension

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Alicia Silverstone teamed up with Garden of Life® to make the mykind Organics line of multivitamins and minerals. In keeping with her passion for eating clean and living an eco-friendly life, Alicia’s website inspires others to follow in her footsteps. Here is one of her recent blogs announcing the latest additions to the mykind Organics line.

Organic Vitamins: Additions to the Line!

I am so thrilled to announce there are six additions to mykind Organics! They include: Prenatal Once Daily, B-Complex, Organic Chewable Vegan D3, Plant Iron & Organic Herbs and Vitamin C Spray! Not sure what does what? Here are brief summaries below of the goodness inside these Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Verified, synthetic-free, whole food based vitamins.

Prenatal Once Daily

Prenatals are what triggered this whole vitamin endeavor when I was pregnant with Bear! My midwife confirmed that I was pumping all kinds of healthy awesomeness to my baby, but she recommended taking a prenatal as an “insurance policy.” After all, sometimes I’d be traveling or working crazy hours, and even though I’d be eating kind, I wasn’t always able to take it to that supercharged superhero next level. After much research and realizing that nothing on shelves was truly clean, I was determined to give pregnant women something I was willing to take.

Learn more about Prenatal Once Daily


I am psyched about the B-Complex! B-Complex is said to bump up your energy and supports your metabolism and stress response. B vitamins are your best protection against elevated levels of homocysteine, an amino acid produced in the body that in excess can increase your risk of mood disorders, poor mental performance, and Alzheimer’s disease. Of course you want to eat up on foods high in Bs—from oats, nuts, broccoli, lentils, mushrooms, avocados and more. But for extra support I am thrilled we now have a B-Complex.

Learn more about B-Complex

Vegan D3 Chewables

These Vegan D3 Chewables are pretty darn yum! Even more, this organic raspberry lemon flavor has no sugar or stevia! Take that! D3 helps support immune system health and calcium absorption for healthy bones. D3 is a hard one to get. We all stay inside far more than we should! Our access to sunshine can be affected and compromised by everything from latitude to climate to pollution to even our work schedules. In some cases, physical characteristics like old age, or darker skin tones have more difficulty getting enough vitamin D. Because of any combination of these and other factors, some of us Kind Lifers might not get as much vitamin D as we should. If you think this might be the case with you, it’s easy to have your doctor give you a simple blood test that can screen you for any vitamin and mineral deficiencies, including vitamin D. If you’re looking for a supplement, we offer the D3 spray or this awesome chewable.

Learn more about Vegan D3 Chewables

Plant Iron & Organic Herbs

Iron supplements usually taste a little nasty, so I’m happy to say our cranberry lime flavor is way better—with no gross aftertaste. Iron helps support your blood health and provides energy to the entire body. If you’re low on iron, then your body cannot make sufficient healthy red blood cells, resulting in iron deficiency anemia. Anemia is commonly associated with extreme fatigue, body temperature dysregulation and immune system impairment. All of those things are no good, so be sure you’re getting enough iron via your diet or supplementation, if needed.

Learn more about Plant Iron & Organic Herbs

Vitamin C Organic Spray

I’m probably the most excited about these vitamin C sprays! They are so yum. Do you remember Tang? I use to eat it like crazy . . . and this orange tangerine spray tastes a bit like it. The cherry tangerine spray is my new obsession, I carry it everywhere because it’s like candy—only no sugar! I get so much C from my diet, so I know I don’t need it, but it’s too yum to resist, just can’t be without it! Vitamin C helps support the immune system and promote skin and tissue health— so if you’re feeling a little under the weather or haven’t been eating as clean as you’d like to, vitamin C is a super handy one. Kids go nuts for these sprays, and, clearly, I do too!

Learn more about Vitamin C Spray


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