Garden of Life Joins Localecopia

June 9, 2016 by Lisa Gallo CompanyEnglish
LoGarden of Life Joins Localecopia

Garden of Life recently joined the community non-profit organization, Localecopia. Localecopia focuses on bringing together businesses, producers, educators and government organizations to lessen our carbon footprint by supporting local product consumption, helping operations better utilize waste, and bringing together individuals to help achieve sustainable business practices. We felt we were a perfect match with Localecopia’s mission, so we hopped on board!

Our team was recently introduced to the Localecopia family at the Meet & Greet event at The Breakers. We were welcomed by smiling members of the community and dozens of tables filled with locally produced, organic goodness including: fresh fruits and veggies, breads, baked goods, ice cream, and so much more! We connected instantly with the members and guests, discussing the importance of organic and Non-GMO certifications.

Localecopia’s motto, “know your farmer, know your food,” is one that Garden of Life truly connects with, and we’re proud to be a new member of this organization!

Want to attend the next Localecopia event? Check out the official site,

Garden of Life Joins Localecopia
Garden of Life Joins Localecopia

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