• Dawn Thorpe Jarvis

  • Senior Director of Nutrition Science & Educational Content

Dawn Thorpe Jarvis, MS, RD, LDN

Senior Director of Nutrition Science & Educational Content

Dawn is responsible for creating all of our Educational Program Content, and has been with Garden of Life since 2003. She has a BS in Clinical Dietetics from Leeds (UK) and became a Registered Dietitian in 1980. She worked as a Clinical Dietitian in several London Teaching Hospitals and then joined a specialized Clinical Nutrition company and for 8 years worked her way from sales rep, to regional sales manager to marketing manager. 

Garden of Life Educators

Garden of Life is proud to have these leading experts in various areas of nutrition on the Extraordinary Health team.

Amber Lynn Vitale, CNAmber Lynn Vitale, CN
  • Amber Lynn Vitale, CN

  • Regional Educator

Amber Lynn Vitale, CN

Amber is a Certified Nutritionist in Integrative Nutrition, and also brings her training in Ayurvedic Medicine...

  • Gwen Eager

  • Product Specialist & Healthy Living Educator

Gwen Eager

Gwen holds a Master's Degree in Education from Erikson Institute and a Bachelor's Degree in Music...

  • Paul Freeman

  • Regional Educator

Paul Freeman

Paul is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with a passion for how food relates to health, and how...

  • Rexford "Rex" Jones

  • Regional Educator

Rexford "Rex" Jones

Rex has been an educator with Garden of Life for over 7 years and brings with him a lifelong...

  • Travis Lesperance

  • Regional Educator

Travis Lesperance

Travis holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Nutrition from Arizona State University, and he is a...

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