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Chai Bombs

Chai Bombs

Packed with pecans, dates, and cranberries, these Chai Bombs are raw, vegan, gluten free, and soy free. Plus, the recipe makes 26-30 balls — perfect for parties or sharing!

chocolate protein bars with chocolate sauce

Chocolate Protein Bars with Chocolate Sauce

Chocolate lovers, this Chocolate Protein Bars with Chocolate Sauce recipe is for you! Full of the indulgent chocolatey flavor you love, this delicious, no-bake treat is vegan, raw, gluten free, dairy free, and soy free. And it makes 18 bars--perfect for sharing or enjoying throughout the week.

apple stacks recipe

Apple Stacks

For a snack you and the kids can make together, try this simple and delicious Apple Stacks recipe. Made with your favorite nut butter and two of Garden of Life's most versatile ingredients, this gluten-free recipe is sure to become a staple.

autumn pie smoothie

Autumn Pie Smoothie

Fall flavors and cleaner ingredients are the stars of this Autumn Pie Smoothie recipe. You can enjoy this quick and tasty smoothie all year long, but it's especially perfect for the cozy months.

mamas lemon ginger bars cut in squares

Mama's Lemon Ginger Treats

Looking for a healthier, tasty and “lemony” treat? Then try Chef Gwen’s Mama’s Lemon Ginger Treats Recipe. They’re delectable!

nutty bar breakfast smoothie

Nutty Bar Breakfast Smoothie

This Nutty Bar Breakfast smoothie recipe from our very own Chef Gwen will definitely start your day off right and is different from so many of the other smoothie recipes you may have tasted.

Pineapple Treasure Smoothie in a glass

Pineapple Treasure Smoothie

Take a refreshing trip to the Caribbean with this cool pineapple smoothie recipe!

Cinnamon Banana Ice Cream

Cinnamon Banana Ice Cream

This delicious cinnamon and banana ice cream recipe is so quick and easy—you don’t even need an ice cream maker! Whip up a batch in a jiffy.

Vegetarian Protein Pancakes

Vegetarian Protein Pancakes

Protein pancakes can be made vegetarian easily using our vegetarian protein pancake recipe - no eggs, just protein and goodness.

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