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sheet pancakes

Sheet Pancakes

You'll love these easy-to-make Sheet Pancakes with an added punch of Raw Organic Protein and Golden Flax Seed. 

grain free breakfast meal recipe

Grain Free Breakfast Meal

For those going grain free and even for those who aren’t, Grain Free Breakfast Meal is sure to satisfy!
autumn pie smoothie

Autumn Pie Smoothie

Enjoy the flavors of autumn in this delicious, nutritious smoothie from Chef Gwen.
pistachio and coconut crusted salmon

Pistachio and Coconut Crusted Salmon

Looking for a quick dinner idea? Pistachio Crusted Salmon is a light and healthy meal option you can have on the table in under 30 minutes

Pumpkin Bread

Mmmm, Pumpkin Bread! The perfect breakfast or anytime snack, this Pumpkin Bread is even healthier than most with added chia seed and flaxseed.

Trilogy Bars

You’re going to love these Trilogy Bars—three layers of scrumptious, healthy goodness all topped off with chopped peanuts!
pumpkin pie bread

Pumpkin Pie Bread

You can have the goodness of pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread with Chef Gwen’s Pumpkin Pie Bread recipe. Yum!
rawk'n oats

Rawk'n Oats

Simply put, this Rawk’n Oats recipe from Chef Gwen ROCKS! You can have it for breakfast or a snack. It’s amazing!
Berry-Licious Breakfast Recipe

Berry-licious Breakfast

Start your day off right with this energizing Berry-licious Breakfast smoothie. Yum!
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